The Thanksgiving Mile

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and while logistics made getting to a turkey trot difficult, we still got out for a run of a little over 4 miles. Everyone likes to run before eating Thanksgiving dinner because it makes us feel better about eating so much later, but this year I thought it would also be “fun” to run after eating. I decided I’d run a mile as hard as I could not long after downing my last bite of turkey. My family laughed at me for trying such a thing, but as I rounded the final turn back home, they laughed at me harder. 

It hurt, and my abstract fears of throwing up halfway through quickly became very plausible fears of pooping my shorts. Needless to say, I highly recommend trying this, so I made a website for it called

The idea is for people to send me their times for the mile after eating Thankagiving dinner. 

There are 3 “divisions”.” The Dinner Mile (after dinner), the Pie Mile (after dessert) and, of course, the Thanksgiving Mile Double (after dinner and then again after dessert.). 

Thanksgiving is a celebration of bounty, and the Thanksgiving Mile is too, but instead of food, we celebrate with how much we have left in the tank after a day of eating, drinking, and making merriment.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who ran a hard mile after Thanksgiving dinner, so if you did too, then send me your mile!

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