Huck LoungingFew things sour my mood like injury, and among injuries, recurring ones are the sourest. Injuries disturb what little rhythm I have. One week, I’m hitting all of my runs, crushing hills repeats, waking up early, feeling good and fit, and the next week I’m skipping a day, then another, then taking ibuprofen, then self-diagnosing, then figuring out how it happened.

I like having a routine. I like getting up early and hitting the trail while it’s still dark, because doing that motivates me to do other good things like going to bed early, eating well, and not having another beer the night before. Of course, feeling healthy can also make me lazy, and I often stop doing my pre-hab routine, or I don’t stretch as much, or I foam roll before runs but not after.

Then I end up writing a post like this.

I know my main weakness. It’s my IT-band. The first time I noticed it was many years ago, on the outside of my right knee. It felt like someone was hammering a nail into my leg, and when it flared up during my first half-marathon, I crossed the finish line vowing never to do “anything like this again.” Since then I’ve done a few marathons, a few ultras, and some sky/mountain races, but I’m often injured, at least a little.

My IT-band woes are back, but it doesn’t bothers my knee anymore. Now I feel usually it in my hip, causing what I think is bursitis. Or it’s something else. I don’t think it matters, because you treat all of it the same: stretching and strengthening of core and hip muscles.

I’m going to run through this one (unless I can’t). It doesn’t’ actually hurt when I run, but just knowing it’s there bothers me more than any physical pain or discomfort, and it forces me to wonder if or when I will get an injury that nags at me enough to bring my running days to an end. If that happens I will get back to mountain biking, or start grinding some gravel. I think it probably will happen someday, and biking would be fun, but it’s not the same as being on your feet.

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