Where to Get Coffee in the Northeast

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We’re in the middle of The Blizzard of 2017, and all I can think about is coffee, so I thought I’d make a list of my favorite places to get coffee in the Northeast.

But first things first: what is the Northeast? I think most people have an intuitive understanding, but I was surprised to discover that Wikipedia has it all wrong.


…a geographical region of the United States of America bordered to the north by Canada, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the Southern United States, and to the west by the Midwestern United States.

First: Virginia and its Western namesake are as Northeastern as New York is Southern.

Second: The Wikipedia  definition is inherently flawed because it neglects the existence of the Mid-Atlantic, a quirky region of the United States famous for  its crabs, traffic, and a distinct and baffling enunciation of the letter “O.” The states of the Mid-Atlantic are Delaware, Maryland, South Jersey, Southeast PA, and sections of Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay.

The Northeast certainly includes New York and New England. Pennsylvania spans at least three regions: the mid-west, the mid-atlantic, and  reaches somewhat into the Northeast, but just barely. Still, I think anyone who lives in Philly will agree that their city is probably it’s own thing, and anyone who lives in Jersey will understand that, at some point, their state blends with the mid-atlantic region.

So, I’m defining the Northeast as New York, New England, and Northern Jersey (where I’ve not been to a coffee shop, so there’s nothing from NJ on my list.).

Criteria: If you need criteria to figure out if a coffee shop is good, then it’s not a good coffee shop.

The List Of My Favorite Places to Get Coffee in the Northeast.

  1. Coffee Labs, Tarrytown, NY – my local coffee shop/roaster
  2. Plum Island Coffee Roasters, Newburyport, MA
  3. August First Bakery & Cafe, Burlington, VT
  4. Coff e Bean, Lake Placid, NY – mostly for the view from the back deck
  5. Spot Coffee, Buffalo, NY – legendary
  6. Stumptown at the Ace Hotel, NYC
  7. Bread Alone, Woodstock, NY
  8. Windy Ridge, North Haverhill, NH
  9. Coffee Hound, Bar Harbor, ME
  10. Black Cap Coffee, Stowe, VT
  11. Any Dunkin’ Donuts on a road trip



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