My Late, Probably Not-So-Great, Western States Picks

Bald Mountain
This is not a picture of the Western States Course, but it’s still pretty

This morning I rushed to my computer in a panic, because I had not yet submitted my picks for the 2017 iRunFar Western States prediction contest. Alas, that panic turned to disappointment when I realized I had missed the deadline for the, which really stinks because one of the prizes for first place is a super cool piece of artwork.

Anyway, I figured I would document my picks here instead (just top 5, because top 10 is way too hard). If I end up being somewhat accurate, then I might buy myself some Terra Kiger 4s as a prize.


  1. Kaci
  2. YiOu
  3. Magdalena
  4. Clare Gallagher
  5. Stephanie Violett



  1. Walmsley, obviously, unless he blow up, which he might. It sounds like he’s putting a lot of pressure on himself based on the interview he did with Bryon on iRunFar. Hopefully he just relax and light it up.
  2. Alex Nichols
  3. Chris Mocko
  4. Thomas Lorblanchett
  5. Paul Giblin


Happy Friday


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