A Review of My Not-So-Great Western States Picks


I pretty much bombed on picking the top 5 women. On any other day I’d have been right on picking Kaci to win, but it sounds like she’s been going through some difficult times with her grandmother, which she talked about a little bit with Eric Schranz here.

One of the things I love the most about ultras is that the winners are winners, but people like Kaci who drag themselves out of the pit and just finish for the sake of finishing become the heroes and the legends. This runs counter to most other sports (imagine if Bill Buckner was hailed as a hero for emotionally recovering from letting that ball go between is legs in 1986), and I think it captures the culture of the sport better than anything else.

Still, no amount of feel-goods can change the fact that I got it all wrong. I was close with Magdalena Boulet, but this is neither horseshoes nor hand grenades.

  1. Kaci Cat Bradley
  2. YiOu Magdalena Boulet
  3. Magdalena Sabrina Stanley
  4. Clare Gallagher Kaytlyn Gerbin
  5. Stephanie Violett Fiona Hayvice


Statistically speaking, I did 20% better with the men, with Alex Nichols finishing in second place as I predicted, which was mostly luck. Also, I didn’t not predict Walmsley’s breakdown, so maybe that counts for something.

  1. Walmsley, obviously, unless he blow up, which he might. It sounds like he’s putting a lot of pressure on himself based on the interview he did with Bryon on iRunFar. Hopefully he just relax and light it up. Ryan Sandes
  2. Alex Nichols – I totally nailed this pick
  3. Chris Mocko Mark Hammond
  4. Thomas Lorblanchett Jeff Browning
  5. Paul Giblin Chris DeNucci

Anyway, if I did well then I was going to buy myself a new pair of Terra Kiger, but I can’t use that as an excuse now. So, my next post will be a list of reasons for me to buy some new running shoes.

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