IMG_2762About Me: I live close to NYC these days, but I grew up in a small town in Ulster County, NY, called Shokan, which most people haven’t heard about. It’s right next to a town called Woodstock, which many people know about, or at least they pretend to. There are good mountain biking trails up there, and I spent a good amount of time on them with my  $500 Mongoose Alta, which was more expensive than my first two cars, combined. Now, when I’m not injured, I do a lot of running, especially on trails, and sometimes I do ultras and these weird things called Sky Races. In 2016, I ran a mile as hard as I could after eating Thanksgiving dinner, and I want to convince others to do the same in 2017, so I made a site called The Thanksgiving Mile. I have a dog named Huck who loves to hike and cuddle, a wife I hardly deserve, and a baby girl who just turned one.  This is my blog, where I (sometimes) write about running, hiking, family, myself and other things.  I’ll probably be better about keeping it up to date once I figure out this “being a dad thing,” but then it’ll probably turn into a dad-blog, and I’ll just end up dad-splaining everything to everyone, like How to train for a 50K when you’re a dad, or Setting your mower to mulch is a quicker way to mow the lawn when you’re a dad, or Hokas help chisel your dad bod even if you have dad knees. You might not even know what Hokas are. It’s fine, nobody will want to read that stuff anyway. That’s why it’s called a personal blog.

Almost Yonder: It’s a lot of work being a work in progress.